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Here’s what you should know about knee replacement in general;

There are different knee replacement surgeries available today. The locations along with size of incisions vary and surgeons use various tools and technologies to perform this surgery. The artificial knee components are different as well; components may be standard, according to gender, customised, or made up of non-traditional material.

The variables of knee replacement surgery are discussed here in the  article. These variables, over and above the surgeon’s experience and the patient’s general health and knee anatomy, can affect  post-surgery improvement knee function and pain levels.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery

The aim of minimally invasive surgery is to try and preserve more muscle and other soft tissue around the knee, helping with a faster, better recovery. A minimally invasive surgery will use around 3 to 6-inch incision, compared to 8 to 12-inch incisions used for traditional surgeries. In addition to that, the knee cap is typically left undisturbed and many soft tissues are pushed to the side rather than being cut to make room for the surgery..

Minimally invasive knee replacement is not as popular as it used to be in recent years. Less invasive surgical surgeries are more technically challenging and come with their own unique set of problems. For example, minimally invasive surgeries seem to carry a greater risk of post-surgery alignment issues and nerve damage.

Outpatient (Same Day) Knee Replacement

People who go in for outpatient knee replacement surgery are discharged the very same day they go through surgery. Some studies have suggested that outpatient knee replacement surgery saves on money and offers about the same or even better results for most eligible patients, though more research and study is needed to say conclusively.

Outpatient knee replacement is actually quite uncommon. Many patients have other pre-existing health conditions, for example heart disease, that may require as precautionary measure one or more nights of post-surgery observation at the hospital, which is advised. Addition, many surgeons and patients simply prefer to have at least one night of post-surgical observation for good measure