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Here’s what you should know about knee replacement in general;

There are different knee replacement surgeries available today. The locations along with size of incisions vary and surgeons use various tools and technologies to perform this surgery. The artificial knee components are different as well; components may be standard, according to gender, customised, or made up of non-traditional material.

The variables of knee replacement surgery are discussed here in the  article. These variables, over and above the surgeon’s experience and the patient’s general health and knee anatomy, can affect  post-surgery improvement knee function and pain levels.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery

The aim of minimally invasive surgery is to try and preserve more muscle and other soft tissue around the knee, helping with a faster, better recovery. A minimally invasive surgery will use around 3 to 6-inch incision, compared to 8 to 12-inch incisions used for traditional surgeries. In addition to that, the knee cap is typically left undisturbed and many soft tissues are pushed to the side rather than being cut to make room for the surgery..

Minimally invasive knee replacement is not as popular as it used to be in recent years. Less invasive surgical surgeries are more technically challenging and come with their own unique set of problems. For example, minimally invasive surgeries seem to carry a greater risk of post-surgery alignment issues and nerve damage.

Outpatient (Same Day) Knee Replacement

People who go in for outpatient knee replacement surgery are discharged the very same day they go through surgery. Some studies have suggested that outpatient knee replacement surgery saves on money and offers about the same or even better results for most eligible patients, though more research and study is needed to say conclusively.

Outpatient knee replacement is actually quite uncommon. Many patients have other pre-existing health conditions, for example heart disease, that may require as precautionary measure one or more nights of post-surgery observation at the hospital, which is advised. Addition, many surgeons and patients simply prefer to have at least one night of post-surgical observation for good measure

The IVF Centre, Ayushman Hospital and Health Service, a reliable IVF clinic in Dwarka, provides safe IVF treatment with high IVF success rates to the people of Delhi, and beyond. An IVF expert will help you understand egg freezing and its many benefits.

It’s 2020 and women have more options, be it professionally, socially, and educationally; than they have ever have before, paired with access to reliable birth control. Does it surprise anyone that women are taking their own paths and choosing when they will have children or not.

The problem is our biology hasn’t quite caught up with social evolution—and that is why egg freezing can benefit our lives. Women hit “peak fertility” in their late teens-early 20s, and by the age of 35, the chances of getting pregnant naturally are less than 15%. One of the major benefits of egg freezing is that it freezes a woman’s eggs of that particular time and health, so if she wants to use those eggs to get pregnant later on; her eggs will still be the same age, though her body will not be as young as it was.

Another one of the many benefits of egg freezing we get to hear from patients is the sense of calm and relief they feel after freezing their eggs. Some women experience “fertility anxiety”—the feeling that their fertility is falling, but they’re not ready to have a baby at the time. Less pressure and anxiety is a definite benefit of egg freezing, as heard from our patients. It allows them to be more ready and an overall analysis will justify that egg freezing more or less provides a better quality of life.

Unlike embryo freezing where there are ethical and medical compulsions, egg freezing is an independent decision made with full autonomy, with no ramifications or pressure on the woman or partners to go in for certain pregnancy, this also allows for more time to prepare and be free of stress. It can also help women choose the right partner to have children with, rather than being forced or rushed into starting a family.

Egg freezing can help preserve fertility in women with cancer, endometriosis, or other illnesses that might affect their eggs, ovaries, or reproductive systems. It was originally developed to help women with cancer preserve their fertility as some cancer treatment can put fertility at risk. For example, chemotherapy or radiation can damage or destroy the eggs stored in a woman’s ovaries while attacking the cancer. Surgical removal of tumors or the affected ovaries, uterus, or Fallopian tubes can also make it more difficult for a woman to conceive naturally, and pelvic surgery carries the risk of scarring or damage to the ovaries or reproductive system.

There are some misgivings in society regarding IVF, and this article, based on the inputs from some of the best IVF doctors in Delhi who provide certified success and cost effective professional IVF treatment to many people at the IVF Centre, Ayushman Hospital and Health Services; will hope to dispel some myths and lay out some facts about IVF.


 IVF is a solution for all infertility related issues

There are many assisted reproductive techniques available today; IVF isjust one of these. Several others like ovulation induction (OI) using medicine, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI), to name a few, can alsohelp many achieve their dream of parenthood

Myth- 2:

IVF doesn’t work for obese people

This is completely false, while it is known that a healthy BMI can help conceive a child; IVF treatment works equally for underweight, ideal weight and overweight people.


IVF won’t work for older people

Age is the main cause for infertility among both men and women, but couples have had children well into their advanced years, similarly IVF has been successful for women with advancing age and young women who may need IVF. But it must be stated that chances of pregnancy, even with IVF, reduce drastically with age.


IVF babies are born abnormal

This myth is actually the opposite of what is true: IVF in fact can actually help prevent the passing down of genetic defects from parents to children with the mandatory screening that happens before IVF.


IVF is a complete solution for infertility

1 in 4 couples across the globe face infertility related issues today, and while IVF had helped millions achieve their dream of parenthood; it is not the end all solution unfortunately. As women and men age, their chances of starting a family reduce, and even IVF cannot solve this

While some of us love winter, it does make going outdoors more fun, but it can also make knee pain more severe and arthritis also pops up around this time. Being healthy and active is very necessary for maintaining healthy knees. Whether you go running or trekking, excess knee pain or arthritis can reduce your ability to do the things you love. If you are looking for arthritis treatment in dwarka or Delhi, suffering knee pain during this winter; this article from one of the best arthritis doctors in Dwarka can help, you could also visit our orthopaedic centre in dwarka.

For people who have knee issues, outdoor winter activity may cause further knee pain and injuries. wear and tear, plus injuries are a result of lifelong commitments to staying active. In most cases, repeated stress on knees can cause or  lead to osteoarthritis.

It is important you maintain healthy knees while you enjoy outdoor winter activities. So follow these simple steps and have healthy knees

  • Stay in motion- it will reduce the risk of osteoarthritis as it lubricates and nourishes your knee joints.
  • Drink loads of water- Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated even in if you doesn’t feel like during winter because dehydration reduces flexibility and increases chances of injury wear and tear.
  • Regular Exercise- Exercise regularly but watch out for “bad” pain. Stop if you have severe, sharp pain.
  • Get strong legs- Do leg lifts to strengthen your quadriceps (front thigh) muscle, which is the biggest protector of your knee.
  • Warm up and stretch. A little cardio to be followed by stretching to help maintain mobility and reduce joint stiffness.
  • Keep warm. Knees are like barometers and cold, damp weather can make them more symptomatic. Try keeping your knees warm with a neoprene sleeve or knee wrap.

If you’re looking for osteoporosis treatment in Delhi, or wish to consult a reliable orthopaedic doctor in Dwarka, look no further than the orthopaedics centre at Ayushman Hospital and Health Services.

If you think you may have osteoporosis, this article can be of help.

When we may think about keeping ourselves healthy, we probably deem lifestyle changes the right way to prevent conditions like diabetes and heart disease from happening and in among this and the busy lives we live, keeping our bones healthy to avoid osteoporosis might not be at the top of our wellness lists: but it most definitely should.

Basics of Bones

Some of us  think of bones as hard and maybe lifeless, but they are very alive and living,, ever growing tissue and our  bones are made up of components that make them flexible and strong.

Are you at Risk?

There are a number of factors that can put you at risk of developing osteoporosis. Have a word with an orthopaedic doctor to know about your risk factors and work closely to develop a plan to protect your bones from osteoporosis.

Prevention and Healthy Living

Osteoporosis and the bones it can damage are not part and process of normal ageing. There are a  lot of things you  can do to protect your bones. It’s never too late or too early to improve the health of your bones. Osteoporosis prevention should ideally begin with childhood as we move more and  it shouldn’t stop there. Whatever your age is, the habits you develop now can affect your bone health for the rest of your life.

What can you do?

  • Get enough calcium and vitamin D and follow a well balanced diet.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Consume foods that are good for bone health like fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid smoking and limit alcohol inside to 2-3 drinks per day.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Getting enough calcium and vitamin D is essential to building strong, dense bones when you’re young and to keeping them strong and healthy as you age. Find out what you need to know about the two most important nutrients for bone health.

Diet and Bones

The food that you eat can affect your bones. Learning about the foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients that are important for your bone health and overall health will help you make healthier food choices every day.

Exercise for Strong Bones

There are two types of exercises that are important for building and maintaining bone density: weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises. Learn about each type of exercise and how you can incorporate both into your exercise routine.