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If you think you may have osteoporosis, this article can be of help.

When we may think about keeping ourselves healthy, we probably deem lifestyle changes the right way to prevent conditions like diabetes and heart disease from happening and in among this and the busy lives we live, keeping our bones healthy to avoid osteoporosis might not be at the top of our wellness lists: but it most definitely should.

Basics of Bones

Some of us  think of bones as hard and maybe lifeless, but they are very alive and living,, ever growing tissue and our  bones are made up of components that make them flexible and strong.

Are you at Risk?

There are a number of factors that can put you at risk of developing osteoporosis. Have a word with an orthopaedic doctor to know about your risk factors and work closely to develop a plan to protect your bones from osteoporosis.

Prevention and Healthy Living

Osteoporosis and the bones it can damage are not part and process of normal ageing. There are a  lot of things you  can do to protect your bones. It’s never too late or too early to improve the health of your bones. Osteoporosis prevention should ideally begin with childhood as we move more and  it shouldn’t stop there. Whatever your age is, the habits you develop now can affect your bone health for the rest of your life.

What can you do?

  • Get enough calcium and vitamin D and follow a well balanced diet.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Consume foods that are good for bone health like fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid smoking and limit alcohol inside to 2-3 drinks per day.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Getting enough calcium and vitamin D is essential to building strong, dense bones when you’re young and to keeping them strong and healthy as you age. Find out what you need to know about the two most important nutrients for bone health.

Diet and Bones

The food that you eat can affect your bones. Learning about the foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients that are important for your bone health and overall health will help you make healthier food choices every day.

Exercise for Strong Bones

There are two types of exercises that are important for building and maintaining bone density: weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises. Learn about each type of exercise and how you can incorporate both into your exercise routine.