While some of us love winter, it does make going outdoors more fun, but it can also make knee pain more severe and arthritis also pops up around this time. Being healthy and active is very necessary for maintaining healthy knees. Whether you go running or trekking, excess knee pain or arthritis can reduce your ability to do the things you love. If you are looking for arthritis treatment in dwarka or Delhi, suffering knee pain during this winter; this article from one of the best arthritis doctors in Dwarka can help, you could also visit our orthopaedic centre in dwarka.

For people who have knee issues, outdoor winter activity may cause further knee pain and injuries. wear and tear, plus injuries are a result of lifelong commitments to staying active. In most cases, repeated stress on knees can cause or  lead to osteoarthritis.

It is important you maintain healthy knees while you enjoy outdoor winter activities. So follow these simple steps and have healthy knees

  • Stay in motion- it will reduce the risk of osteoarthritis as it lubricates and nourishes your knee joints.
  • Drink loads of water- Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated even in if you doesn’t feel like during winter because dehydration reduces flexibility and increases chances of injury wear and tear.
  • Regular Exercise- Exercise regularly but watch out for “bad” pain. Stop if you have severe, sharp pain.
  • Get strong legs- Do leg lifts to strengthen your quadriceps (front thigh) muscle, which is the biggest protector of your knee.
  • Warm up and stretch. A little cardio to be followed by stretching to help maintain mobility and reduce joint stiffness.
  • Keep warm. Knees are like barometers and cold, damp weather can make them more symptomatic. Try keeping your knees warm with a neoprene sleeve or knee wrap.