Our Eyes are very important part of our body to maintain our day to day life. It’s a blessing to be able to see, and good quality eye care is important. We at Ayushman Hospital provide people of Dwarka and west Delhi the most comprehensive world class eye care.

It is designed to provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical eye care to the patients of all age groups. Our treatment plans are designed for the protection, preservation, enhancement and restoration of your vision, for any age group. The aim of the Eye Department reflects on the need to go beyond sophisticated diagnostic and micro surgical equipment with the cutting edge technology. We give individual attention and treat each patient with his or her particular needs in mind. some of which include the following:

• Routine eye check-up
• Cataract surgery
• LASIK surgery
• Chalazion pyogenic granuloma excision
• Refractive error correction and Glasses prescription for children and adults
• Stye Hordeolum –Lid swelling treatment
• Computer vision syndrome treatment
• Lazy eye –Amblyopia treatment
• Corneal and conjunctival foreign body removal
• Dry eye care
• Conjunctivitis treatment
• Allergic eye diseases treatment
• Glaucoma screening
• Diabetic retinopathy screening
• Trauma care
• Neuro ophthalmology care
• Paediatric ophthalmology –Treating eye problems in Children and babies
• Squint evaluation and management in children and adults
• Retinal and uveal diseases treatment

Our Team of Experts

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  • Opthalmology
Gautam (Retd)
Dr. K.C. Gupta
Consultant - MBBS,MS(Opthal)
Dr. Sweety Drall
Dr. Premalatha Tharmarajan
Consultant-MBBS,DO, DNB(Opthal)
Dr. Sweety Drall
Dr. Alaka Priyadarshini Das
Consultant - MBBS, DNB(Opthal)
Gautam (Retd)
Dr. Rahul Shah
Consultant - MBBS, MS(Opthal)