Maternity Program

Pregnancy brings with it feelings of extreme joy with twangs of apprehension. To make a woman’s journey towards motherhood safe, successful and comfortable, we have introduced a special maternity programme.

Our team of experienced doctors and professionals are happy to hold your hand and be with you throughout, steering you lovingly on your journey.

The programme includes:

  • Preconceptional assessment and counselling
  • Information Booklets which the would-be-mother can use throughout her pregnancy and also after delivery
  • 24 hours dedicated helpline for queries
  • Guided tour of the facilities what to expect during pregnancy & delivery.
  • The admission formalities are completed in the comfort of the patient’s room.
  • A Dedicated relationship officer to attend to the patient’s requirement.
  • Regular Antenatal Classes including discussion on:
    • Journey to motherhood, Diet & Fitness
    • Labor& Safe Delivery
    • Preparing For The New Arrival
    • Pain Management / Relaxation during labour and delivery
    • Breastfeeding
    • Postpartum Care
    • Fitness and exercise after delivery.
  • Regular yoga classes conducted by a trained yoga instructor.
  • Spacious Labour Delivery Rooms are available in which Labour Delivery and Recovery takes place in the same luxurious and comfortable setting. Here we allow a near relative to stay with the to-be-mother during delivery if she desires.
  • Full range of pain relief options.
  • Personally trained ayah to take care of the baby’s need.
  • A full examination of the newborn baby.
  • Access to the exclusive celebration lounge.
  • Celebrations, Gift and cake cutting ceremony for family members.
  • Professional photoshoot of Mother, Child and Family members which are presented as a beautiful Gift Album to be cherished by the family forever.