The division of endocrinology at Ayushman hospital and health care makes available the best therapeutic modalities for various endocrine disorders like stunted growth in children, early/late puberty, hypoglycemia, lipid disorders, etc. We have one of the most dedicated and professional units in the city dealing in this subspecialty.


Endocrine disorders can be broadly categorised into three groups :-

  • Endocrine gland hyposecretion disorders: When a gland does not produce enough of its hormones.
  • Endocrine gland hypersecretion disorders: When a gland produces too much of its hormones.
  • Cancerous endocrine disorders: Tumors can also develop in the endocrine glands. They may be malignant, or cancerous, but they may also be benign, or non-cancerous.
Our endocrinologists commonly treat the following conditions:
  • diabetes
  • osteoporosis
  • menopause
  • metabolic disorders
  • thyroid diseases
  • excessive or insufficient production of hormones
  • some cancers
  • short stature
  • infertility

At Ayushman hospital and health care, we provide the most advanced diagnostic care and treatment to patients with diseases related to hormonal disturbances. We have very dedicated multi specialty care programmes where diagnosis is done via hormonal stimulation tests, advanced hormonal tests and molecular diagnosis; and specialised care is provided by experienced pediatric endocrinologists, specialty nurses, dieticians, psychologists, etc.