Cautions In Our Daily Life To Prevent Cancer

Cancer which is a widespread chronic disease may come as a surprise to many in terms of diagnosis but, in reality, it doesn’t just develop overnight. Many lifestyle choices and unprecedented factors come into play together to end up growing a cancerous bulk of cells which divide nonstop to lead to what we commonly call as cancer.

Of course, you should always check with your doctor at our cancer hospital in Dwarka for any concerns.

  • Say NO to sugary drinks: Not only do these contribute to obesity and diabetes, they may also increase your risk of endometrial cancer (upto 87 percent higher risk in case of women! ).
  • Eat more resistant starch and less red meat: Resistant starch in foods like green bananas, rolled oats, and white beans, may help reduce the increased risk of colon cancer from a diet high in red meat.
  • Sit less, stand more: According to research, people who spend most of their day sitting increase their risk of colon and endometrial cancer by 24 percent! Moreover, people who sit in front of TV all day increase risk of colon cancer by 54 percent!!
  • Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli: Doctors at our cancer hospital in Dwarka often say that they can never stress on this enough but broccoli is a cancer-preventing super food!! And one should eat it frequently. People who eat broccoli and its cousins such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and bok choy at least once per week have a lower risk of kidney cancer compared to other people.
  • Artichokes, a multi benefitter: Another cool advice from the doctors at our cancer hospital in Dwarka, artichokes which contain antioxidants may help prevent skin cancer by slowing cancer cell growth.
  • Sun, sun, sun! : Doctors at our cancer hospital in Dwarka often suggest our clients to get more sun as staying in all the time can be harmful too. Why? Simple, almost 90 percent of our body’s vitamin D comes directly from the sunlight—not from food or supplements. But of course, do not overexpose yourself.
  • Unlike the day, light exposure during the night is bad: Research shows it may increase the risk of ovarian and breast cancer in women.
  • Tea- bad or good? : Well, even though findings consistently show that tea drinkers have a reduced risk of breast, ovarian, colon, prostate and lung cancer, it evidently differs with the various types of teas.
  • Alcohol- a helper in the sketchy zone: Our doctors of the cancer hospital in Dwarka say that on one hand, alcohol is known to cause ulcers and stomach cancer but simultaneously on the other hand, moderate amounts of wine, beer, lager, or cider might protect against various kinds of cancers as long as we don’t overdo it:

At Ayushman Hospitals and Health Services, our cancer hospital in Dwarka, cancer treatment for is always personalised. It is always carried out under the supervision of the on duty oncologist at the separate division for oncology. All the treatment plans are formed only in the presence and with the suggestions from specialists in the respective oncology fields. Children with cancer are taken utmost care of and every patient is treated with lots of passion, care and understanding. Post-treatment monitoring is done by our oncologists on an individual basis who also take into consideration any future recurrence issues.

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