IVF & Infertility Center

Like every other department, the IVF center is also a state of the art facility. Couples without children can expect to have a happy parenthood by just visiting this center at Ayushman hospital and services.

An experienced and dedicated with a humane approach and providing personal touch make hopeful parents comfortable and lead them through various stages of in vitro fertilization once the process is successful the subsequent care during antenatal period leading up to the delivery of the newborn child is taken care of in this hospital itself.

The process of harvesting the egg (oocyte) from the ovaries, its fertilization with the male sperm, the genesis of the embryo, its transplantation into the womb and subsequent preservation of the pregnancy are all very delicate and carefully manipulated procedures to ensure that the dream of parenthood is fulfilled by our team of IVF specialists.

The IVF Process

The standard IVF process involves the following stages:

Ovarian Stimulation

In a normal ovulation cycle, a woman’s ovaries release one mature egg every month. To increase the chances of success of your IVF treatment in Ayushman Hospital, Dwarka your doctor needs to have several mature eggs. This is achieved through ovarian stimulation wherein your natural ovulation cycle is suppressed and your ovaries are stimulated to develop multiple eggs with the help of oral medication or FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) injections.

The process takes about two weeks. Through this period the development of follicles (tiny sacs that contain one egg each) is monitored through blood tests and ultrasound scans.

Egg Retrieval

The mature eggs are removed from the ovaries using a fine needle under ultrasound guidance. Egg retrieval is a simple procedure performed under general anaesthesia. It takes about 25-30 minutes depending on the number of eggs available for retrieval and how easily your doctor can access those eggs. The goal is get about 8-12 eggs. You may feel mild cramping when the anaesthetic wears off, for which a simple painkiller is given, if needed.

Sperm Retrieval and Preparation

On the same day of egg retrieval, your partner provides a semen sample from which motile sperm are separated. The sperm are then washed or prepared for insemination.

If frozen sperm are being used, they are first thawed to a temperature ideal for insemination.


In an IVF treatment cycle, sperm and egg are place together in a lab dish to enable fertilization. In an ICSI cycle, a single sperm is injected into individual eggs and allowed to incubate overnight. The resulting embryos will remain in Ayushman Hospitals state of the art laboratory for further development until they are ready to be placed in the uterus.

During this period, you will receive medication to improve your endometrial receptivity i.e. to prepare your uterus to receive the embryo.

Embryo Transfer

At Ayushman Hospital, Dwarka IVF centre, we offer two stages of embryo transfer:

  • Day 2 or Day 3 (cleavage stage) transfer, useful if there are only 1-2 embryos available for transfer as not all embryos reach the blastocyst stage
  • Day 4 or Day 5 (blastocyst stage) transfer, useful when there is a sufficient number of embryos available as waiting till Day 5 allows your doctor to select the best embryo for transfer

On the day of transfer, the selected embryo is placed into the uterus using a soft, flexible tube called a catheter. Embryo transfer is a simple procedure and does not require anaesthesia. It takes about 5-10 minutes and the patient is free to go home soon after.

Two-week Wait

Embryo transfer is followed by a waiting period of 12-14 days after which a pregnancy test is done to confirm if the embryo implanted (attached itself to the uterus) successfully.