Why Choose Ayushman Healthcare and Health Services

The new navigation feature which allows you to find ‘anything near you’ is great isn’t it?

Whenever we need to go anywhere in an emergency, it works like a charm! So if you need to go to a doctor in an emergency, you can simply find ‘doctors/hospitals near you’ and trust your on the spot judgement to choose the best suitable one too, right?


Your primary health care provider is one of your most important health care professional, do not leave it upto chance or your “best friends” to help you pick the best suitable one for you! We don’t need to show you the newspaper to see how it could go so horribly wrong, right?

So, let us tell you some of the most essential features that you need to focus on while choosing the best suitable health care provider for you and we will keep adding to this list in our upcoming blogs too. Lets, begin!

1. Consider location always: You should never underestimate the discomfort of travelling that long distance while you are sick. For sick people, convenience of location matters. And what about that unavoidable traffic on the third turn? Don’t forget that too! Can you imagine yourself travelling along a 45 minute route which might include traffic when you were so sick that you could barely muster up the courage to get out of the bed? Of course not!


2. Check the type of professionals they have there: Can you tell the difference between a general physician and a specialist? How about the difference between a family practitioner and an internal medical practitioner?  If you don’t then do find out about all these basic terms and learn more about your healthcare provider before deciding on your choice for a healthcare provider.


3. Check their availability: Again, comfort is key. If you are unable to get appointments for times as soon as this evening or even tomorrow, you need to think again about your current choice of a healthcare provider.


 4. Your time is valuable too: While we should care about other people’s time and always be early or on time for our doctor’s appointment, our time matters as well. If even after being on time, they keep holding you up and ask you to wait for a little more time and if this is a regular thing then you definitely need to find someone else who makes and sticks to a more realistic appointment schedule.

At Ayushman Hospital and Healthcare Services which is located at the best possible location in Dwarka with minimum traffic in all directions and hence, less time in travel, we aspire to provide the best possible services to our clients. Not only do we provide 24/7 emergency services, but also a myriad of professionals and services on duty at all times. We offer our services at flexible time schedules and our clients can come at anytime and fully entrust us with their care.

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