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Follow these steps for healthy kidneys.

Our hospital for kidney treatment in Dwarka receives numerous patients looking for kidney treatment or dialysis in Dwarka itself, and our advice to almost anyone who thinks their kidneys aren’t important; think again. Life without healthy kidneys is difficult to say the least, and it’s best to keep your kidneys healthy. So have a look […]

What is blue light and how does it affect our eyes?

Our eye hospital in Dwarka treats every kind of eye problem, and most of our patients complain about strain on their eyes and almost everyone blames it on blue light, so we got some of Delhi’s best eye doctors to dispel the myths and tell you the facts about blue light. Sunlight is composed of […]

What you should keep in mind about Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, also known as “pink eye,” is an infection or swelling in the outer membrane of the eyeballs.Blood vessels in the conjunctiva ( a thin membrane that lines part of theeyes), becomeinflamed. This gives your eye the “red” or “pink”hue that’s commonly associated with conjunctivitis. Our hospital for conjunctivitis in Dwarka receives mostly children who […]

Ovulation Disorders that cause Infertility 

The WHO has described “Infertility” as a global public health issue ; the findings reveal that approximately 10% of women (globally) are affected by this disease. Infertility in women is determined if a woman is unable to get pregnant over the course of one year trying and for those over the age of 35 the […]

Understanding Acid Reflux or GERD 

As Indians, we know what acidity is, it’s part and parcel of our daily lives, and most people treat it as fairly innocuous, and  nobody really goes looking for treatment for acidity in Delhi, or any other city for that matter. Acid reflux occurs when the contents inside the stomach   move up into the […]

Does a High Risk Pregnancy mean you can’t have a child?

The answer to the question above is “no”, and with some of Delhi’s best gynaecologists on board at Dwarka’s best hospital for childbirth, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have our support throughout your pregnancy, even if it is deemed “high risk”. Even though “high risk” might sound ominous, the term does not in any […]

Things You Should Know About Total Knee Replacement

We’ve been performing the best knee replacement in Dwarka for decades and our reliable total knee replacement surgery has helped hundreds of people live normally again. So if you’re looking for cost effective total knee replacement surgery in Dwarka; then look no further than Ayushman Hospital. Here’s what you should know about knee replacement in […]

Benefits of Egg Freezing

The IVF Centre, Ayushman Hospital and Health Service, a reliable IVF clinic in Dwarka, provides safe IVF treatment with high IVF success rates to the people of Delhi, and beyond. An IVF expert will help you understand egg freezing and its many benefits. It’s 2020 and women have more options, be it professionally, socially, and […]

IVF Myths & Facts

There are some misgivings in society regarding IVF, and this article, based on the inputs from some of the best IVF doctors in Delhi who provide certified success and cost effective professional IVF treatment to many people at the IVF Centre, Ayushman Hospital and Health Services; will hope to dispel some myths and lay out […]

Outdoor Knee Pain During Winters & Arthritis

While some of us love winter, it does make going outdoors more fun, but it can also make knee pain more severe and arthritis also pops up around this time. Being healthy and active is very necessary for maintaining healthy knees. Whether you go running or trekking, excess knee pain or arthritis can reduce your […]